“A youth is to be regarded with respect. How do we know that his future will not be equal to our present?

- Confucius

What is carbrey housing about?

Carbrey Housing was established in 2011 when a contract with Gloucestershire County Council was secured to provide accommodation and support services to young people aged 16-18 leaving the care of the local authority.

Upon referral we source suitable accommodation and liaise with the young person and their social worker to create a tailored support package. Our aim is to ready young people we support for independent living post 18 years.

Most young people who present to us have complex needs; often they have difficulties managing the transition from adolescence to adulthood. Many young people are isolated from their families. Many have experienced detrimental schooling and childhood resulting in low self-esteem and confidence. We are committed to provide a safe and secure home and to giving a voice to these young people enabling them to believe in themselves to progress, develop and grow.

The transition from childhood, through adolescence and into adulthood can be a daunting one. Carbrey Housing believes that a robust support package combined with excellent accommodation will give each young person the platform needed to succeed.


We provide safe and secure accommodation selected to meet the individual’s needs.  All of our accommodation is of an excellent standard and can be provided as single or shared units.  It is available from a few months up to a few years depending on the young persons age and needs.


We provide a support package based on the young persons needs and the requirements of the responsible authority. We work closely with other agencies in an effort to meet the needs of each young person. The kind of support we offer are:

  • Emotional – an ear to bend, a shoulder to cry on
  • Budgeting – How to make the most of it
  • Cooking – Making sure we get our 5 a day
  • Transport – We will help you get there.
  • Advocacy – A voice when one is needed
  • Social Skills – Interacting and communicating
  • Self-Identity – Improving self-esteem and confidence

When a young person leaves Carbrey Housing, we are able to offer follow on support by way of supporting the moving process, visits to their home or telephone contact. The support and consistency can help young people to successfully transition through these stages of change.

Carbrey Housing is regulated by Gloucestershire County Council and must undergo a rigorous annual inspection and tendering process. This process sets out the minimum requirements needed to provide services of this type.

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