“A youth is to be regarded with respect. How do we know that his future will not be equal to our present?

- Confucius

Marsh Villa

What is Carbrey Care about?

Marsh Villa is registered with Ofsted (registration 1155761) as a three bedroom children’s home. Fully complies with fire regulations as set on in National Minimum Standard and Children’s Homes Regulations 2001. We offer medium to long term care and support for girls and boys between the ages of 8 to 17 years.


Marsh Villa is situated 2 miles outside Gloucester City, it is located within a private housing estate close to local amenities such as shops, schools, dentist, doctors and public transport routes into town.

Gloucester is a multi-cultural city with strong networks of community groups, structured leisure groups, leisure activities and various socially and locally funded organisations who support young people.


Marsh Villa has four double bedrooms, two have ensuite bathrooms. There is a family bathroom with a bath and shower. Each room as a lockable door and has a homely but neutral décor that young people are encouraged to decorate through personalised furnishings. All bedrooms are equipped with beds, storage for clothing and other personal items and a desk.

The ground floor has a lounge, an activities room which has a w/c and a utility room, a large kitchen diner and an office.


We care for and support young people who may have experienced emotional difficulties, who may have been exploited, present challenging behaviour and who may have suffered some form of abuse. The maximum age difference between young people will not normally exceed five years. However the matching process, levels of maturity for each young person living at Marsh Villa as well as advice from Ofsted may allow in exceptional circumstances the registered manager and responsible individual to allow a different approach to the maximum age difference.

Through an integrated approach we foster a therapeutic milieu and, when not available from CAMH’s, we can offer tailored Psychological therapy. We offer young people a safe, stable and consistent home in which they can experience significant milestones they may not have had the opportunity to experience safely. We use a range of different theories to explore, understand and formulate an individual care plan for each young person. As part of the overall service, Carbrey offers an in-house psychological service providing a tailor-made and evidence-based range of psychological interventions for young people where commissioned to do so.


As part of the overall service, Carbrey offers an in-house psychological service providing a tailor-made and evidence-based range of psychological interventions for young people.

Psychological services will include (but not exclusively):

  • Individual therapy
  • Psychometric and triangulated assessments
  • Taking into account the young person’s history, thoughts, feelings, strengths and difficulties
  • Integrated evidence-based working formulation to help identify the young person’s emotional needs
  • Resilience and vulnerabilities
  • Individualised psychological treatments
  • Drawing from a range of therapeutic models and the young person’s formulation
  • Group treatments
  • Consultation
  • Supervision and reflective practice for the support and management team and; staff training in relevant psychological issues

Information to follow shortly.

  • Planned and timely moves
  • Continued support and handover from the young persons keyworker to their supported living worker.
  • An informed and closely managed transition from the children’s home into semi independent  living.
  • Support planning continuity.
  • Reduced duplication and questioning of young people.

Through the provision of Carbrey Care’s supported living services we are able to provide a continuum of care to the young people we house. This allows for:

Carbrey Care is regulated by Ofsted. Ofsted are a national body responsible for ensuring Children’s Homes meet the desired standards in order to provide services to most vulnerable in society.

To access Carbrey Cares Ofsted reports please click Here

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